OnDemand Training Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to frequently asked questions about IIA OnDemand Training

How do I access OnDemand training?

  1. Select the link: https://ondemand.theiia.org
  2. Select the “Sign In” button.
  3. Sign in using your IIA account member/customer number and password.
    • Not sure whether you already have an account member/customer number?
      • If you are a member of The IIA, either directly or through one of our International Affiliates, you have an IIA Account Member/Customer ID#.
      • If you have attended an IIA event, training, or made a purchase through the IIA, you have an IIA Account Member/Customer ID#.
      • If you do not know your IIA Account Member/Customer ID#, please access the following link (https://resetpassword.theiia.org) or contact IIA Customer Relations at telephone number +1 407-937-1111 to get your IIA Account Member/Customer ID#. You may also contact your local Affiliate.
      • If you do not have an IIA Account Member/Customer ID#, please follow this link to create an IIA Account Member/Customer ID#, https://register.theiia.org/.
  4. Once signed in, you should be able to view and purchase any courses in the catalog.

How do I provide payment for OnDemand training?

To register for our IIA's OnDemand Training, we required full payment for the course / courses before it is release to your account. Any additional exception for payment will need to be approved by our Management team. Registrants will need to submit request to ondemand@theiia.org.

If you would like to register for the OnDemand course/courses using payment method such as wire transfer or to mail check for an OnDemand open invoice, please plan accordingly, as it may take ten (10) or more business days for a wire transfer or mailed check to reach The IIA.

Payment Options

  • Pay by credit card now.
  • Request an invoice to pay by credit card, check, or wire transfer (registration is not confirmed or released until full payment is received).
  • You may request invoice by submitting your request to ondemand@theiia.org.
  • To provide payment for the open invoice on your account, please contact our IIA's Customer Relations Department by phone: 407-937-1111 or email the team along with the invoice to customerrelations@theiia.org.


We offer a variety of ways to register and pay for IIA's OnDemand Training, which is the premier self-paced, online training platform for today's internal audit professionals who want to stay up-to-date on their own time, anywhere and at their own pace. Choose the payment method most convenient for you:

  • Online: To register using a credit card, visit https://ondemand.theiia.org/learn. You will need to sign in using the SIGN IN button on the upper right corner of the page and select the course. Once you have located and selected your course, you will add this to your cart and simply complete your registration online. The IIA accepts American Express, Discover, MasterCard, and Visa.
  • Phone: Call Customer Relations at +1-407-937-1111 from Monday through Friday, 8:30 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. ET to provide payment for invoice, if you request an invoice.
  • Group Registration: To register for a group of 6 or more, email our Superb Sales team at sales@theiia.org with each registrant’s name and contact information (address, telephone email address), title of the course. Include a purchase order and/or contact information for payment. Group invoices will be provided.

How do I receive my receipt?

Your receipt should be received via email upon purchase. It is also available in the notifications area of your OnDemand page. If for some reason you did not receive your receipt, please email ondemand@theiia.org.

Can I print a copy of the course?

​No. You cannot reproduce any of the Intellectual Property (IP), nor make derivative works of the IP, without getting our express permission in writing. You do not have any rights to the IP except granted under these Terms or any other agreement you have with us.

Can I leave a course and return to the same location?

Yes. When you exit a course, your location is bookmarked. When you re-launch the course, a pop-up box will ask if you would like to resume where you left off. In order to return to your location, you must select Yes.

Please note: Clearing your browser history prior to returning to the course may remove your bookmark.

I purchased a course. How do I access it?

Please sign in at the OnDemand website, and the course thumbnail should be displayed below “My Active Courses” on your Dashboard. Select the course thumbnail, then select “START LEARNING NOW” to launch the course.

How long does it take to complete a course?

​Select a course thumbnail from the Course Catalog to display the associated Course Description page. The course Duration is listed on the left-hand side, below the course title.

What are the recommended browser requirements?

To avoid display issues, we recommend that you access the OnDemand courses on a desktop or laptop using one of the following browsers:

  • Google Chrome (optimal)
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Safari 4

Can I take a course on my tablet or smartphone?

​You may complete our OnDemand courses on a tablet, Mobile iOS, or Mobile Android. However, display issues may occur within the platform and the courseware.

Why was my purchase attempt declined?

​Please make sure your billing address matches the billing address for the credit card you are using.


Please contact IIA OnDemand if you would like to purchase group training or if you are having technical issues at:



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